Train to UTA 2021 - Training Plan

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Get a $29 FOUR-week trial of coaching by SQUADRUN, the affiliated training partner for Ultra-Trail Australia. Kick-start your training for UTA-2021 today.

Runners will always vote with their feet. SQUADRUN has helped hundreds of athletes compete, or complete, in Ultra-Trail Australia over the past few years. They have an infectiously positive community, relentless enthusiasm and a robust method that makes for fit and happy trail runners at the finish line!

If you are running UTA and want to ensure that you are training well for it then pick up a trial with SQUADRUN. For $15 per week there is no better value training partner you could choose for your road to UTA 2021. The SQUADRUN team are committed to helping you achieve your goals. They’ll be there throughout your training journey and on race-day to see you succeed.  

Squadrun is the biggest coach-lead running community in Australasia fronted by two of the most enthusiastic, experienced, and hard-working coaches around - Kerry Suter and Ali Pottinger.


SQUADRUN uses a ‘priority based’ training system to deliver a highly bespoke programme written specifically for you, with your fitness in mind. You decide how much training you can do and with the guidance of two passionate, qualified, and respected coaches you’ll be in great shape come race day.


Any coach or online plan can assign ‘work’ but there’s so much more to getting your training right than just going for a few runs per week. Nutrition, pacing strategies, course knowledge, running tips for improving your form, efficiency or execution come race day. The training programme is just a piece in a much larger puzzle. SQUADRUN will help you with everything throughout and will be there to see you finish – no matter what.

This is also a fantastic way to be seeded to a UTA start group. As long as you have been a member for a minimum of eight weeks prior to race date, the Squadrun coaches will have excellent knowledge of your trail running abilities and speed and will be able to seed you into an appropriate start group. Sign up now and you will be the best prepared you can possibly be.

Once you sign up, the SQUADRUN team will be in touch with you to get you started! After your 4-week training period, if you like the program, you can choose to continue with directly with SQUADRUN for $15